The balanced diet of athletes

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Playing sports is good. All experts agree on this fact, as long as the exercise is commensurate with their age and physical condition.

Physical activity makes it possible to keep training the musculoskeletal system and circulatory systems, giving, as well as physical well-being also psychological. It is no accident that the Romans already preached the motto “healthy mind in a healthy body”!

In order to achieve maximum results from adequate physical activity, even nutrition plays a key role.

Exercise, in fact, be it high-impact as body building that more “sweet” like fitness, involves a certain expenditure of energy, protein, sugar, fat and water.

All these shall be reinstated in the right doses with food. This is also true for the vitamins and minerals that are lost in large amounts through sweating, physiological process that allows the thermoregulation of the body, greatly enhanced when you practice sports.
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The balanced diet of athletes

Advantages and disadvantages of fasting

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Benefits of fasting

The deliberate denial of food would maintain good health (as much as a healthy diet, as exercise or a balanced psychology). The strongest advocates of fasting believe the practice used to “clean” the body to prepare it perfectly self-healing (by doing rest and regenerate).

Allow fast (many tests say the following phrases with no real serious and independent control group) to:

Relieve rheumatoid arthritis (to decrease pain and increase functional capacity)
Contribute to treatment of hypertension and acute pancreatitis (to reduce abdominal pain)
Improve sleep quality (by reducing the number of awakenings during the night)
Relieve other ailments: allergies, asthma, rheumatism, sinusitis, eczema, constipation, digestive problems, liver disease, etc.
Raising the soul, brightening the spirit and the 5 senses,
Reduce stress by taking rest,
Lose weight quickly. No need to test course, this claim is based but is also based disadvantages, as we shall see below.


Fasting for therapeutic purposes is subject to controversy. Some health experts denounce a health hazard or at least strongly advise not practice with the assistance and supervision of a doctor or a nutritionist. Supposed to eliminate toxins from the body, many specialists believe that it is better to prefer a diet high in dietary fiber instead (especially because fasting causes the creation of waste associated with the burning of reserves of protein and fat) .

Food deprivation has real limits. The human body young and healthy, can support a complete fast, but not excluding taking drink for a long time, up to three months (as evidenced by the history of prisoners of 9 Prison Cork, Ireland in 1920 who had fasted for 94 days, there was also that of Bobby Sands died in Belfast 5 May 1981 after having engaged strike back without hunger March 1) if the person is in good health and well fed when starting to fast. Physiology adapts quickly mobilizing internal reserves, but fast enough (on average after 3 to 4 weeks), fasting may involve significant risks, especially towards the end, the heart rhythm. Medical monitoring is vital at least from the 4th week (more or less according to health status, conditions of deprivation and nature reserves at the start).

Fasting is not recommended for people with diabetes treated with insulin, in poor mental condition with kidney disease, tuberculosis, heart or liver as well as pregnant women and children. Lanjutkan membaca “Advantages and disadvantages of fasting”

Advantages and disadvantages of fasting

The anti-stress chocolate

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In 100 grams of cod there are 194 mg of Phosphorus compared to 207 mg contained in 100 grams of milk chocolate.

In chocolate are also other minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium and iron ore although longer present ever in Cocoa Magnesium.

In addition to being a food very appreciated by young and old, when consumed in the right quantities, chocolate is a source of useful substances to the health of the organism.

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The anti-stress chocolate

4 Natural Ways to Redden the Lips

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Prevention or treatment of this drawback becomes necessary. In general, plenty is exhausted the simplest way that redden the lips black. one among them could be a natural manner which can Americae natural materials with properties that will redden lips simply found around us. after all it’s conjointly comparatively straightforward to try to to and not sophisticated. additionally to the utilization of natural ingredients we have a tendency to don’t got to be cautious of the facet effects that will be caused and also the hurt to the lips.

1. Using Lime

The first manner is to use lemon. Memnfaatkan effectualness of lemon will create the lips look therefore rosy. Things got to be done by cutting the lemon and blend with heat water that is then applied to the complete lip space. In general, use lime citrus is as a result of the flexibility to get rid of dead skin cells on the lips that, if it were left dead skin cells can create lips look black. therefore this implies plenty done by people who need memeiliki red lips and mrupakan one effective manner.

2. exploitation Honey

How to redden black lips second is to use honey. The content of honey will offer youngness of the cells of the lips. Honey is applied at the time of planning to move tidur.Hasil obtained by applying honey on the lips can offer the impact of wet on the lips and can redden the lips in order that the colour are going to be flushed. However, within the choice of honey, of course, got to use natural honey while not the addition of alternative ingredients so as to not offer facet effects upon use.

3. exploitation food

Then succeeding manner that may be hand-picked by exploitation yoghourt. The content of soured milk food as healthy would offer the impression of wet on the lips in order that the lip color will seem additional bright and colourful. Besides it tastes smart is additionally healthy once consumed and may be an alternate for those of you United Nations agency crave red lips Korean-style creator.

4. exploitation Avocado

While the opposite manner is to use avocado latter. several vitamins ar contained in AN avocado might} give wet to the lips and provides impact to the youngness of the lips in order that the colour may fade black lips. during this avocado will use as he massaged-massage applied directly on the lips and put aside your time. Then rinse with heat water to offer a recent impression on the lips. Utilizing content of avocados into one answer that may be done as a result of the avocado isn’t troublesome to seek out and there ar several within the neighborhood.

Some ways in which redden the lips on top of is done simply and also the material simply found. a number of the ways in which on top of is performed habitually so as to additional quickly feel the impact of the lips ar experiencing rejuvenation within the cells in order that colours ar brighter and black colours fade. By doing therefore, become a girl with a horny look and rosy lip color are going to be ready to attract and provides the impression of admiration for the alternative sex. to boot confidence into elegant lady are going to be emitted.

4 Natural Ways to Redden the Lips

Land Damage


Soil be one important element in life. Many of our life activities which take place on the ground. Diverse natural resources are also stored in the soil. Unfortunately, the current state of the land has been a lot of damage, due to various causes. It should be our common concern to help preserve and keep the soil from damage.
1. Cause Damage Land
Damage may occur due to soil erosion. Erosion become a natural phenomenon that often occurs around us, especially during the rainy season. The process of erosion can occur naturally and by human activities. The existence of human activity accelerate the rate of erosion.
Soil erosion progresses through three stages, namely stage release of a single particle of mass land, hauling stage by the erosive media (water flow and wind), as well as the deposition stage. Phase deposition occurs if the available energy is not sufficient for transporting particles release the results of the soil mass. Finally, the particles settle to the ground somewhere.
Causing erosion of fertile topsoil that could be damaged. If this is allowed to continue, can trigger land degradation. Causes of soil erosion described below.
a. No bare soil or plants.
b. Sloping ground were not made terraces and ridges as a buffer and a water-soluble soil.
c. Land is not made as a retaining dike erosion.
d. Land in the forest area damaged, because the trees are cut down illegally, so forests become bald.
e. Muddy underfoot used for grazing wild, so that the top of the increasingly damaged land.

2. Impact of Land Damage
Erosion on the surface of the ground caused some impact. These impacts can be divided into two, namely the impact on the site of erosion and erosion impacts offsite.
a. The impact on the site of erosion, among others, led to loss of soil rich in nutrients, declining soil productivity, as well as silting rivers, reservoirs, and irrigation canals.
b. Off-site impacts of erosion, among others, the reduction of alternative land use, causing the urge to open new land by clearing forests and shortening the useful life of reservoirs and irrigation canals. Another effect is the need of providing funds for the repair of damaged buildings conservation.

Land Damage

7 Benefits of Bananas for Health


As with numerous alternative fruits, bananas additionally has properties or advantages once consumed. several folks UN agency believe that this fruit has numerous advantages hidden in it. thus from that, to clarify the assorted benefits of bananas, health tips can reveal numerous properties of the fruit of this one. the subsequent properties of bananas that ne’er have guessed:

1 one thin naturally. For those of you UN agency have issues with weight, then often consume this fruit will assist you thin you’ve got. this can be as a result of, this fruit contains a comparatively touch of calories.
2 leveling the quantity of fluid within the body. The body desires adequate quantity of fluid to support all performance of the organs within the body. Therefore, the content of metallic element in bananas is extremely vital to assist balance the quantity of fluid within the body.
3 simple sickness like influenza, cough et al. … ???. begin consumption a banana. The content of water-soluble vitamin within the fruit helps boost the system you’ve got.
four healthy bones … ???. consumption bananas often could facilitate nourish your bones. this can be as a result of, this fruit is one in all the fruits that contain metallic element high enough.
5 rising the energy required by the body in an immediate. once daily activity will increase, eat a banana. is meant that the body doesn’t quickly exhausted or tired within the density of activity or your work.
6 Streamlining the systema digestorium in your body. often consume this fruit will facilitate your systema digestorium performance even higher. so numerous nutrients from the food you eat is absorbed and utilized by the body optimally well.
7 As a natural constipation medication. Bananas can even facilitate facilitate shitting you. that’s why, eat bananas to avoid hardening of the stool because the 1st symptoms of constipation.

7 Benefits of Bananas for Health

Cases of Violations of International Human Rights You Should Know


Basically cases of the violation of human rights is rampant and has been occurring since long. However, the eye of the international community diagrammatical by the international organization seems to be accumulated within the aftermath of war II that killed several of humanity.
Among the samples of violations of international human rights that occurred in written account order as follows.
a. 1924 in Italy
Benito Mussolini had started in addition as leading ideology in Italy. He had dominated in 1924-1943 with a awfully authoritarian. Political opponents don’t seem to be in line together with his thinking was captured and killed. Mussolini additionally has occupied foreign countries like Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and Republic of Albania. He was additionally one in all the originators Dunai War II and berkoalasi with Nazi against the Allies.
b. 1933 in Deutschland
Adolf Hitler World Health Organization won the election through Socialist German staff Party, junction rectifier Deutschland with a awfully authoritarian. several crimes against humanity allotted at that point. as an example, with mass arrests against political opponents, the extermination of the Jews, occupied geographical area and Republic of Austria in addition as trigger war II.
c. 1960 within the Republic of African nation
When the social policy regime dominated by the whites managed to manage the govt in African nation, they pursue policies that hurt blacks. Among the events that consumption is that the victim of the murder of seventy seven civilians within the events of Sharpeville. Likewise, in 1976 the bloody events occurred that killed several civilians, particularly schoolchildren.
d. 1971 in Uganda
Idi Amin became president in power at that point travel by extremely authoritarian rule. He has given a awfully damaging policies of its voters to perform varied actions such unjust intimidation and murder. In fact, there ar regarding three hundred,000 folks were killed throughout his reign.
e. 1976 in AfrikaTengah
David Daco World Health Organization has junction rectifier the Central African Republic with success overthrown by Jead Bedel Bokassa. To support his rule, he was stunning political opponents. For four years running the govt, political opponents World Health Organization disappeared while not trace over but one,500 people.
f. 1979 within the state
Current state of the Russia or Russia, has conducted a chronic attack on Afghanistan that materialized in 1979 till the Nineties. Some 85,000 army troops were brought from the Russia fought in Afghanistan for therefore several feeding victims, each military and civilian.

Cases of Violations of International Human Rights You Should Know

5 Benefits of Cycling for Health

Menghabiskan Waktu Yang Berkualitas

The following advantages within the Morning sport For Health. 5 Benefits of Cycling for Health
1. Strengthen your cardiac muscle
By obtaining the game of sport within the morning you’ll have a healthy heart and powerful. supported study results, sport routine three times every week created inside one year will scale back the chance of cardiovascular disease and may lower cholesterin levels.

2. forestall abdomen Buncit
With sport within the morning routine can forestall you from turgid abdomen. or maybe if you’re having issues together with your distended abdomen will bike to beat.

3. sturdy Bones
Cycling will stimulate bone growth, in order that growth are supreme. If you would like to possess a high body. Bersepda routine will be an answer.

4. resolution ways For winning Diet
For those of you UN agency square measure on a diet, therefore you diet with success, sport might be your resolution. Routine sport within the morning is extremely effective to burn calories and fat within the body.

5. Increase Stamina Body
Cepet Agency sluggish, sluggish, tired, fatigue could be a sign of weakened stamina. currently that you just have a decent stamina, sport routine might be an answer. should have sensible stamina can cause you to concentrate on running activities / tasks.

5 Benefits of Cycling for Health

Dance History Jaipong


Jaipongan is a dance that was born from the creativity of an artist from Bandung, Gugum Gumbira. He was inspired by folk art, one of which is Tap Tilu making Perbendaharan know and know very well the patterns of dance traditions that exist in Kliningan or Bajidoran or Tap Tilu. So that he can develop a dance or art that is now known by the name Jaipongan.
Jaipongan works first began to be known by the public is dance “Leaves Paul’s Keser Bojong” and “Rendeng Bojong” .Awal emergence of the dance was originally regarded as a movement that erotic and vulgar, but the longer this dance is becoming more popular and started to increase the frequency of the show both in the media television, celebration, and celebrations are disenggelarakan by the government or by private parties.

Dance history Jaipong
there are some influences behind this form of social dance. In West Java, for example, social dance is the influence of the Ball Room, which is usually in the dance-dance association could not be separated from the presence of the dancers and pamogoran. Ronggeng in social dance is no longer functioning for the ceremony, but for entertainment or a way slang. Ronggeng existence in the performing arts has an appeal that invites sympathy for the pamogoran. For example on Tilu Tap dance is so well known by the Sundanese people, estimated this art popular around 1916. As a folk performing art, this art is only supported by simple elements, such as waditra which includes fiddle, drums, two kulanter, three tap , and gongs. Similarly with the dance movements that do not have a standard movement pattern, simple dancer costume as a reflection of democracy.

Dance History Jaipong

The Benefits of Soy Milk

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Benefits of soy milk is very effective for some health problems, high protein content as well as vitamins and minerals can help the following issues:

Heart disease is one of the most common health problems experienced by man. (health portal’s) recommended a diet low in saturated fat and sodium and high in protein to prevent cardiovascular problems. 1 cup of soy milk contains 3.6 grams of fat, 6.3 grams of protein, 104 calories and only 0.5 grams of saturated fat.

Besides low in calories, fat, and high in protein, the ratio of saturated and unsaturated fat soy milk can memantu high blood pressure and cholesterol.

The content balanced between saturated and unsaturated fats is one of the components that can assist in regulating the balance of high blood pressure. Besides the content of vitamin E, folic acid and B6 can prevent heart disease. High blood pressure can also be minimized with the magnesium content in soy milk.

Antioxidants in isoflavones in legumes such as soy, can boost HDL levels are good for heart health. While lecithin is believed to reduce levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) in the blood that can help improve the health of the body.

Vegetable protein in soy milk can be more easily processed by the kidneys of diabetics, compared to animal protein as cow’s milk. Soy milk contains two micronutrients that can contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes: magnesium and vitamin D. Although this substance is not for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, people who have low nutritional against these two substances have a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes ,

1 cup serving of soy milk can prevent the occurrence of these cases because mengandung8,6 percent of magnesium and 18 percent of vitamin D. In addition, soy milk is a food that is safe for people with type 2 diabetes.

The Benefits of Soy Milk