Land Damage


Soil be one important element in life. Many of our life activities which take place on the ground. Diverse natural resources are also stored in the soil. Unfortunately, the current state of the land has been a lot of damage, due to various causes. It should be our common concern to help preserve and keep the soil from damage.
1. Cause Damage Land
Damage may occur due to soil erosion. Erosion become a natural phenomenon that often occurs around us, especially during the rainy season. The process of erosion can occur naturally and by human activities. The existence of human activity accelerate the rate of erosion.
Soil erosion progresses through three stages, namely stage release of a single particle of mass land, hauling stage by the erosive media (water flow and wind), as well as the deposition stage. Phase deposition occurs if the available energy is not sufficient for transporting particles release the results of the soil mass. Finally, the particles settle to the ground somewhere.
Causing erosion of fertile topsoil that could be damaged. If this is allowed to continue, can trigger land degradation. Causes of soil erosion described below.
a. No bare soil or plants.
b. Sloping ground were not made terraces and ridges as a buffer and a water-soluble soil.
c. Land is not made as a retaining dike erosion.
d. Land in the forest area damaged, because the trees are cut down illegally, so forests become bald.
e. Muddy underfoot used for grazing wild, so that the top of the increasingly damaged land.

2. Impact of Land Damage
Erosion on the surface of the ground caused some impact. These impacts can be divided into two, namely the impact on the site of erosion and erosion impacts offsite.
a. The impact on the site of erosion, among others, led to loss of soil rich in nutrients, declining soil productivity, as well as silting rivers, reservoirs, and irrigation canals.
b. Off-site impacts of erosion, among others, the reduction of alternative land use, causing the urge to open new land by clearing forests and shortening the useful life of reservoirs and irrigation canals. Another effect is the need of providing funds for the repair of damaged buildings conservation.

Land Damage

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