The balanced diet of athletes

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Playing sports is good. All experts agree on this fact, as long as the exercise is commensurate with their age and physical condition.

Physical activity makes it possible to keep training the musculoskeletal system and circulatory systems, giving, as well as physical well-being also psychological. It is no accident that the Romans already preached the motto “healthy mind in a healthy body”!

In order to achieve maximum results from adequate physical activity, even nutrition plays a key role.

Exercise, in fact, be it high-impact as body building that more “sweet” like fitness, involves a certain expenditure of energy, protein, sugar, fat and water.

All these shall be reinstated in the right doses with food. This is also true for the vitamins and minerals that are lost in large amounts through sweating, physiological process that allows the thermoregulation of the body, greatly enhanced when you practice sports.

The reintegration of all nutrients is important for the “reconstruction” of the parties “consumed” during exercise, both to facilitate the optimization of chemical reactions that lead to cell proper power consumption and consumption of fat reserves accumulated .

Weight loss, if it is one of the objectives of physical activity, it also passes through the intake of proper amount and type of macro and micronutrients that catalyze all the physiological processes of the organism.

For this, they are to avoid diets or diets “do it yourself” which exclude one or more foods, because they could restrict or prevent specific processes of our body and, in the long run, be very dangerous to your health.

The balanced diet of athletes

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