Dance History Jaipong


Jaipongan is a dance that was born from the creativity of an artist from Bandung, Gugum Gumbira. He was inspired by folk art, one of which is Tap Tilu making Perbendaharan know and know very well the patterns of dance traditions that exist in Kliningan or Bajidoran or Tap Tilu. So that he can develop a dance or art that is now known by the name Jaipongan.
Jaipongan works first began to be known by the public is dance “Leaves Paul’s Keser Bojong” and “Rendeng Bojong” .Awal emergence of the dance was originally regarded as a movement that erotic and vulgar, but the longer this dance is becoming more popular and started to increase the frequency of the show both in the media television, celebration, and celebrations are disenggelarakan by the government or by private parties.

Dance history Jaipong
there are some influences behind this form of social dance. In West Java, for example, social dance is the influence of the Ball Room, which is usually in the dance-dance association could not be separated from the presence of the dancers and pamogoran. Ronggeng in social dance is no longer functioning for the ceremony, but for entertainment or a way slang. Ronggeng existence in the performing arts has an appeal that invites sympathy for the pamogoran. For example on Tilu Tap dance is so well known by the Sundanese people, estimated this art popular around 1916. As a folk performing art, this art is only supported by simple elements, such as waditra which includes fiddle, drums, two kulanter, three tap , and gongs. Similarly with the dance movements that do not have a standard movement pattern, simple dancer costume as a reflection of democracy.

Dance History Jaipong

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