How to Install the WiFi More Than One


Nowadays has become common mounting wifi in homes to share Internet access with family or friends because of practicality and price more affordable devices. (Different from the first wifi only in the hotel, campus or other special places, now has become a common thing, and we can easily do the installation and setting itself).

When you install the wifi at home or wherever more than one device are adjacent, then that should be considered is the channel, because the channel selection error will cause the connection to be slow or very slow, due to mutual interference of each of these wifi.

Usually when we set up / installing wifi, hardly notice the channel, we just set the SSID (name wifi), connect to its Internet / select the provider, and set a password. While the channel is not set as the default setting of the devices have been set atomatis.
The foregoing does not matter if there are no other wifi devices nearby. and / or you will only install a wifi device.

When the Channel is in the automatic setting as above, then when there is a wifi device adjacent, your wifi device will automatically select the channel that is not used, but in reality (perhaps depending on the brand / brand as well) are not optimal auto channel interference still occurs even there are overlaps (occupying the same channel with an existing wifi), so that the connection becomes unstable even drop out altogether.

To the solution must be set channel manually. Log in to the router access point / wifi you, there is usually at the wireless menu. then select the channel set to channel manually,
On wifi with standard 802.11 b, g, n which are in the 2.4 GHz frequency has channels 1 to 14.

How to Install the WiFi More Than One

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